Fleet Management

Organization, tracking, monetizing and maintenance of vehicle/fleets all fall under fleet management services. Typically, these consist of cars, trucks and vans. Fleet management services will also help businesses care for drivers’ health and safety, and make sure that they’re obeying the law.

At Pinenoc Solutions Integrated Limited, we have a revolutionary fleet management services that benefits vehicle owners, drivers as well as organizations. We customize our fleet services as a platform for vehicle owners and drivers to earn a decent monthly income, and as a way for organizations to outsource and manage their fleet and logistics.

A fleet management system will normally have a hardware element — such as trackers fitted to the vehicles — and a software element. We install trackers/GPS on all our vehicles to keep our records up to date, and gives vehicle owners, drivers, and bosses an easy way to see, at a glance, how well their fleet is performing.


We help vehicle owners to manage their vehicles and pay them monthly for doing so. This is a great way to make money by vehicles owners. To enjoy this service, vehicles have to meet our standard and owners have to come to terms with our service agreement. Benefits of vehicle management include monthly vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking, risk/accident management, and monthly payments to owners. To learn more, call us, or visit our office for details.


We engage drivers productively through our fleet management services by giving them a robust opportunity to earn as drivers. For drivers to be engaged in our fleet operations, drivers must have driving license, must be between 20 and 50 years old, and must have undergone Uber training. Our drivers must comply with our engagement agreement to start.


Pinenoc Solutions also help companies/organization meet their logistic needs. We provide drivers to organizations on request as well as make available vehicles to meet daily logistic needs of interested organization. Smarter organizations have embraced this idea as a way of minimizing their logistic cost. We provide customized logistic outsourcing services to suit the needs of organizations. Get in touch for more details.